My quest for world domination was
aided considerably by the following:

Arne "Patience" Exton
Sten "Rock´n roll" Sandvall

Andre "Börje" Raussi

Jonas "Oh yeah allright" Ohlsson
Jens "Built for speed" Ryden
Peter "I love destruction" Källqvist
Noy "Stand" Brinck
Someone really special - you know who you are
Micke Hansson and Debase - you guys rules
Sabine "my cyber-friend" Graf
Friends ex Friends and ex Girlfriends who have
been with me along the way

Supreme good bands like
Entombed, D.A.D., Iron Maiden,
Backyard Babies and Motörhead.

And all you people who have my
pixs on your homepages:
De är ni som e dom konstiga
det är jag som är normal.